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To take away
    Our pizzas and takeaway meals
    Our pizzas and takeaway meals

    Our dishes are prepared on site, vacuum-packed and pasteurized.
    Thanks to this process, food can be kept for 1 month in the fridge.
    This process is validated and controlled by an independent laboratory (Terana in Marmilhat (63)).

    Find our prepared meals in our 2 distributors located one in Sauxillanges right next to the hotel, the second in Issoire, Rue du 8 mai, just near the roundabout between 'Issoire Import Auto" and the "Concordet" Garage.

    It's very simple :
    For best results, immerse the sachets in simmering water for 10 minutes, open and enjoy.

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    steph_mavel Les emportés de l'Abbaye

    The list of dishes is subject to change according to success and suplies. 
    For more information and reservation : 04 73 96 81 80

    List of pizzas
    10,00 € OUVERTURE
    Tomato, cheese
    11,00 € MAYOL
    Tomato, mushrooms, cheese
    11,00 € MELEE
    Tomato, cheese, ham
    11,50 € AIME GIRAL
    Tomato, cheese, goat cheese, fresh cream
    11,50 € SAUTEE
    Tomato, mushroom, cheese, ham
    12,00 € CALZONE
    Tomato, mushroom, cheese, ham, egg
    12,00 € CROISEE
    Tomato, potatoes, mushrooms, cheese, bacon
    12,00 € DU MANOIR
    Tomato, mushroom, cheese, bacon, egg
    12,00 € VERDUN
    Tomato, chorizo, mushrooms, cheese, pepper
    13,00 € MEDITERRANEE
    Tomato, cheese, onion, beef, fresh cream
    13,00 € BRAMENTOMB
    Tomato, St Nectaire, cheese, Eugenie goat cheese, Roquefort

    11,00 € TELSTRA
    Creamy mustard, potato, cheese, bacon
    11,50 € PILE
    Creamy mustard, potato, cheese, bacon, St nectary

    10,00 € EDEN PARK
    Cheese, fresh cream
    11,00 € KINGS PARK
    Cheese, goat cheese, fresh cream
    11,00 € MILLENIUM
    Cheese, ham, fresh cream
    11,00 € PARC DES PRINCES
    Potatoes, cheese, fresh cream
    11,00 € SAINT-DENIS
    Cheese, blue cheese, fresh cream
    11,50 € MURRAYFIELD
    Cheese, ham, bacon, egg, fresh cream
    12,00 € DROP
    Cheese, St Nectaire, ham, fresh cream
    12,50 € ELLIS
    Chorizo, potato, cheese, st nectaire, fresh cream
    11,00 € CROKE PARK
    Onions, bacon, fresh cream
    11,50 € WESTPAC
    Cheese, onions, bacon, fresh cream
    12,00 € COLOMBES
    Potatoes, cheese, onions, bacon, fresh cream
    12,00 € BRENNUS
    Tomato, bacon bits, goat cheese, fresh cream…honey
    12,00 € CURRIE CUP
    Cheese, bacon bits, onions, fresh cream… honey


    15 Place du 8 Mai
    63490 Sauxillanges

    Tel : +33 (0)4 73 96 81 80
    Fax : +33 (0)4 73 96 85 36
    Mail : info@hotel-abbaye-sauxillanges.com

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